STACIE (Vengeance is Hers)


A middle aged woman has mourned her friend’s death for 37 years. Now she wants to permanently end her grief.

Synopsis (excerpted)

Georgia, an executive who is professionally-dressed except for her clunky and juvenile-looking wristwatch that no longer works, is walking across Baker’s Field. It is the baseball field she last saw her friend, Stacie, 37 years ago. The two were in an automobile accident that killed Stacie and left Georgia in a coma for months.

Georgia believes she had been drinking before the accident and blames herself for Stacie’s death. She has grieved every minute of every day. Her only comfort is heavy drinking. She has been in and out of rehabilitation a dozen times. But being sober makes the memories worse so she starts drinking again.

As Georgia walks on the baseball field, an Unidentified Character appears behind her sending a text. Georgia receives the message which shows as Unknown Number on her phone: “Getting closer.” She turns around.

Elsewhere, Georgia’s friends, JoAnn and Modyra, are in a café waiting for her. They discuss strange text messages they have been receiving for the previous weeks: “One more year”, “Expect the worst if I am first”, and “Thirty-seven is long enough”.

As they talk they remember Georgia and Stacie’s accident from 37 years ago. They also remember Stacie’s sister, Stephanie, vowing revenge after Georgia was found “Not Guilty” on charges related to the death. JoAnn sends Georgia a text they look forward to seeing her at the café.

Back on the ball field, Georgia sees no one behind her. However, as she continues walking, she sees what looks like her and Stacie when they were in high school. High-school-aged Georgia is thanking High-school-aged Stacie for a watch. Georgia recognizes the watch, checks her wrist, and sees that hers is gone. She calls to the high schoolers and follows them into a dugout but they disappear.

She sits and starts taking sleeping pills and drinking whiskey. She receives JoAnn’s text and replies that she is running late but will be there soon. A moment later she receives another text message from Unknown Number: “Can almost touch you.” Georgia looks behind her but again sees no one.

She hears her name called and the image of 22-year-old Stacie is standing in the dugout. Another voice asks “Stacie?” and it is the image of 22-year-old Georgia. The 22-year-olds embrace and catch up.

Back at the café, JoAnn receive a text saying “Baker’s Field”. In mid-meal, JoAnn and Modyra leave the café and head toward Baker’s Field.

As 22-year-old Stacie and 22-year-old Georgia talk, they reveal it is two minutes before their fatal accident 37 years ago. Georgia pleads with them not to go but they cannot see or hear her. They walk away and moments later, Georgia hears the sound of an automobile accident. She slumps onto a bench, finishes her pills and whiskey, and slips into unconsciousness.

The Unidentified Character walks into the dugout and rouses Georgia’s spirit from its overdosed body. Georgia thinks it is Stephanie and declares herself ready for Stephanie’s revenge. The Unidentified Character reveals itself as Stacie’s Spirit. The two have a lively exchange about the cause of the accident and Georgia’s role. Stacie’s Spirit replays part of the evening from 37 years ago in which she took Georgia’s flask before any alcohol was consumed.

Now understanding she did not drink before their accident, Georgia no longer wishes to kill herself. She is still overdosed but JoAnn and Modyra find her and they call for emergency help.

(End of excerpt)


Stacie is a three-part web series in pre-production in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The production is finalizing its budget and locations.

More to come,

William Spear

Author: William Spear

William E. Spear has written for audio since 1994. His book, "Lit Between the Ears, Volume One: Chekhov, O. Henry, Spear and Tarkington On the Air," was released on July 31, 2006. He founded Two Plus Plus Productions LLC in 2006 and is President. He founded Hunterdon Radio Theatre in 1999 and has written over 15 plays since. Spear's work has been broadcast in New York and New Jersey and his plays have been published on web sites across the country.

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