The 3:57: REMEMBERING, Episode One – Leave


RememberingTeaser – Orphaned and homeless teenager Chris Rowe has decided to look for a better life. After 90 minutes of walking, a set of keys with a note that reads, “Bring the keys to row Z, number one thousand and nine” is found. It is the beginning of a 20-year adventure.


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Remembering, Episode #1: Leave

Original Date: 11 March 2020


Hello. This is . . . The Three Fifty-seven.

[The 3:57 Theme plays]

My name is William Spear and I am the Host of The Three Fifty-seven. This is the start of a new series titled REMEMBERING.

The first episode is called LEAVE where an orphaned, homeless teenager named Chris decides to look for a better life.

And now Episode One of REMEMBERING.

[Remembering Theme plays]

This story happened a long time ago in a town not far from here. The people were very successful but had lost their compassion for others. They had forgotten the kind of “plain, ordinary, and everyday kindness” that builds communities.

In the town were many homeless teenagers. One was Chris Rowe, whose parents had died many years ago. Chris attended school during the day, walked around the town at night, and slept in abandoned buildings and empty automobiles. Meals were picked from garbage cans – if there was food at all.

Chris believed somewhere there must be a better life and decided to find it.

With only a backpack, Chris started walking. Ninety minutes later, the teenager was passing an automobile dealer. On the ground was a set of keys with a note that read: “Bring the keys to row Zee, number one‑thousand‑and‑nine.”

The keys were picked up and walked to row Zee one‑thousand‑and‑nine. In the spot was a rusted car. An Odyssey according to the front grill.

Tucked under a windshield wiper was an envelope with a note: “The enclosed Certificate of Ownership entitles the holder to drive and operate this Odyssey for twenty years from today’s date. During that time you must visit as many towns as you can. By the way, the keys will start the car. One other thing, it has more power than it seems.

Chris was not sure what to do. The car spoke: “Are we going to start this journey in my lifetime?”

The teenager looked at the car and asked, “You can talk?”

The car answered, “I would dance for you but nobody writes songs like they used. LET’S GO.”

Chris got into the car.

The teenager wondered how the car could talk and where it came from? And what was beyond the town? Fear of the unknown caused hesitation. But the commitment to have a better life was more powerful.

Plus, there would be twenty years of driving a talking Odyssey.

Slowly and methodically Chris turned the key.

[Remembering Theme plays]

You’ve just listened to Episode One of REMEMBERING. The series music, What A Way – The Prelude, is through the courtesy of Semaphore.

The Three Fifty-seven is an anthology of serialized stories. Theme music for the anthology is Not On The Bus . . .

[The 3:57 Theme plays]

. . . by U. S. Army Blues. The Three Fifty-seven is Written and Produced by William Spear.

Thank you for listening.