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Lit Between the Ears recognizes the unique power and singular entertainment ability of radio drama. From the voices, music and sounds that tell the stories to its rich history as America’s first great mass entertainment medium to finding a place with contemporary audiences, Lit Between the Ears celebrates radio drama.

The articles published here are meant to give readers a sustained flow of information and insight, vintage memories and valuable perspectives, and business news and pleasure. This is a subsector of the entertainement industry with companies and individuals vying to capture market share and audience dollars. We support them and their endeavors.

The listings in the Links section are meant to gently expand the readership of the publication to like-minded individuals and organziations. Not that we all move in lockstep on the nuances of the medium, but there is a shared respect for the vibrancy of the art form and what the entertainment format can accomplish. All Links have been agreed to by the recipient and in many instances they have graciously reciprocated with same back to Lit Between the Ears.

The Categories are the areas we believe our readers want historical perspective and current information. Entertainment and technology are presented with casting calls and editorials. Sponsors are elevated to the same prominence as program releases or air dates. Analyses are included to connect enjoyment with economics.

We are researching features or columns which will expand, enhance, or extend listening to radio drama. Feedback, suggestions, news and other information will be considered for publication.

Thanks for your readership; we are working to maintain your support. If you’ve enjoyed the publication or any of the articles, please tell a friend or colleague.

William E. Spear

Publisher and Producer

Lit Between the Ears – Celebrating the Power and People of Dramatic Audio

Hunterdon County, New Jersey USA

Two.Plus.Plus.Productions at gmail dot com

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1. Cliff Burns - March 12, 2009

Mr. Spear: You were good enough to leave a comment re: a radio play I’d written for CBC Radio. The name “Spear” rang a bell…and then I remembered there used to be a William Spear who produced the Sam Spade radio mystery series (starring the great Howard Duff) and I wondered if you might be any relation. Just curious…and thanks for dropping by my blog…

2. William Spear - March 13, 2009

Mr. Burns,

Thanks for your visit to Lit Between the Ears and post; both are appreciated.

I think William “Spier” is the person you’re referencing. I keep looking to a relation but to date have found none.



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3. Sean Dougherty - August 5, 2009

That’s funny – I asked him the same question when I met him as well. He must hear that from everyone he meets.

4. William Spear - August 7, 2009


I don’t mind at all; keep asking.

Any updates you can share with this year’s Friends of Old Time Radio Convention?


William E. Spear

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5. Deafness Claims - November 18, 2009

great blog, have enjoyed the posts greatly- thanks

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