Tuesday 7 March 2023 – SEVENTEEN, Episode One – Tenny

William E. Spear

Volume 1, Issue 10

This episode may be found through the link below. Enjoy!


Full Transcript –



(Tenny’s Theme fades up)

Hello . . . and welcome to the Three Fifty-seven.

(Tenny’s Theme plays)

My name is William Spear and this is Episode One of our new series titled SEVENTEEN.

(Tenny’s Theme plays)

Severin Vincent Tennyson is a janitor in central New Jersey, U.S.A. He does not speak. Further, voices and smells provoke feelings from his past.

He is about to have a memory he hasn’t felt in a long time.


(Tenny’s Theme plays then fades out)

Severin Vincent Tennyson pushed his broom across the Gunderson High School basketball court.

Nicknamed Tenny, he is hunched over the broom cleaning a four-foot-wide path.

When he got to the far end, he turned around, and aimed for his cane.

He never skipped any panels and never swept any more than once. Exactly twenty-one were cleaned each time.

Every now and then he stopped, straightened up, sniffed, and listened for smells or sounds only he could sense. If everything was clear, he would return to his brooming routine.

All around him, the auditorium was filling for a school board meeting. But Tenny continued sweeping the basketball court.

He turned and aimed for his cane but it was gone!

He looked around and couldn’t find it. Then a voice called to him:

“Tenny. Over here!”

This was a real voice but he could not remember who she was. He shrugged his shoulders to ask, “Who are you?”

“It’s me Jennifer,” she reminded him.

“Jennifer” was Jennifer Hargrove his job coach. She was holding his cane, his medicine, and walking to him.

“You know you don’t really need the cane,” she smiled knowing he would use it anyway.

Tenny rubbed his temple and winced. “Bad?” she asked and he shook his head, “Yes.”

She handed him the medicine and water.

A group of people walked into the auditorium. Tenny straightened and looked around.

Jennifer waited for the moment pass – she was used to this. But the moment did not pass.

He sniffed in the direction of the new people. He sniffed again and from the farthest corner of his mind Tenny felt an explosion throughout his body and he dropped to one knee.

(Tenny’s Theme fades up)

You’ve just listened to Episode One of SEVENTEEN.

Tenny’s Theme is through the courtesy of Lemon Music Studio at PixaBay.

The Three Fifty-seven is written and produced by William Spear.

Thank you for listening.

(Tenny’s Theme fades out)

Author: William Spear

William E. Spear has written for audio since 1994. His book, "Lit Between the Ears, Volume One: Chekhov, O. Henry, Spear and Tarkington On the Air," was released on July 31, 2006. He founded Two Plus Plus Productions LLC in 2006 and is President. He founded Hunterdon Radio Theatre in 1999 and has written over 15 plays since. Spear's work has been broadcast in New York and New Jersey and his plays have been published on web sites across the country.

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