Tuesday 14 February 2023 – DEAD AIR

William E. Spear

Volume 1, Issue 7

This episode may be found through the link below. Enjoy!


Full Transcript –



Hello . . . and welcome to The Three Fifty-seven.

[The Dead Air Theme plays]

My name is William Spear and this is Podcast Episode One of DEAD AIR.

[The Dead Air Theme plays]

Rose FM’s liberation program has been performed annually on Eniark’s Independence Day. But this year, the broadcast has been interrupted.

And now, DEAD AIR.

[The Dead Air Theme plays]

The flat-toned Announcer repeated its declaration: “Welcome to Power FM. The power of the East.”

The millions of listeners in Eniark stopped their dinners, their parenting, their arguing, or whatever their lives were at that moment.

The Announcer continued: “Some of you will remember us from the past. That diminishes our present greatness and we no longer accept such limits.”

[Interior Music]

Millions listened in disbelief. Eniark separated itself in ninety-one. Forged its own way as a sovereign entity and built relationships around the world based on its own humanity.

The Announcer resumed its demeanor: “You have been told you are a separate nation. That is a lie! The great Tlnno Dkkahessu – who is rightfully worshipped and adored – never intended to split us.”

All Eniarkians leaned toward their radios.

Once more the Announcer spoke: “From this moment forward you will be known as the Lesser Aissu and we . . . we who share with you a heritage and border . . . we who seek to reunite us . . . we who are the descendants of Tlnno Dkkahessu . . . we shall be called Aissu the Greater!

[Interior Music]

You have just listened to Episode One of DEAD AIR.

Theme music is through the courtesy of Yevhenii Kovalenko. Interior music is by Alexi Action. Both are at PixaBay.

The Three Fifty-seven is written and produced by William Spear.

Thank you for listening.

[The Dead Air Theme plays]

The End.

Author: William Spear

William E. Spear has written for audio since 1994. His book, "Lit Between the Ears, Volume One: Chekhov, O. Henry, Spear and Tarkington On the Air," was released on July 31, 2006. He founded Two Plus Plus Productions LLC in 2006 and is President. He founded Hunterdon Radio Theatre in 1999 and has written over 15 plays since. Spear's work has been broadcast in New York and New Jersey and his plays have been published on web sites across the country.

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