Tuesday 10 January 2023 – On a Frosty Day, Episode One

This episode may be found through the link below. Enjoy!


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Welcome . . . to The Three Fifty-seven.

[The On A Frosty Day Theme plays]

My name is William Spear and this is Episode One of ON A FROSTY DAY.

The story is about an unnamed character whose daily ritual is interrupted. There are no warnings or explanations. Only change.

And now, Episode One of ON A FROSTY DAY.

[The On A Frosty Day Theme plays]

The sun shone with mid-morning brightness and sparkled on the reservoir. However, the coldness of the air reminded me of the lateness of the hour. I pulled my jacket close and looked around.

I had explored from here 23,359 times before. Wandered the landscape that extended in all directions. The journeys had been pleasant. Some were foggy, others were painful, but none left any traces..

And all were behind me.

But as I launched this new expedition, each from before . . . rose up.

[Interior Music]

Not half of them or every third. Not the Tuesdays or the Sundays. All of them. The landscape – a moment ago untouched and limitless – was littered. Gone were the open territories. No journeys yet undiscovered. And, thank you Mr. Frost, no roads not taken and no paths not traveled.

But there was a way forward.

[Interior Music]

Blocked from going in a straight line, I cobbled a path of zig-zags. Five steps sideways, two backwards, three forwards, sideways, backwards, forwards just like a crossword puzzle. I was nearly within reach of the re-appeared journeys. Until the way was confronted by a fence and . . .

. . . A sign, partly folded over, that read “KEEP OUT”.

[Interior Music]

You have just listened to Episode One of ON A FROSTY DAY.

Theme music is through the courtesy of Lexin Music. Interior music is by Nature’s Eye. Both are at PixaBay.

The Three Fifty-seven is written and produced by William Spear.

Thank you for listening.

[The On A Frosty Day Theme plays]

The End.

Author: William Spear

William E. Spear has written for audio since 1994. His book, "Lit Between the Ears, Volume One: Chekhov, O. Henry, Spear and Tarkington On the Air," was released on July 31, 2006. He founded Two Plus Plus Productions LLC in 2006 and is President. He founded Hunterdon Radio Theatre in 1999 and has written over 15 plays since. Spear's work has been broadcast in New York and New Jersey and his plays have been published on web sites across the country.

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