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THE RECLAMATION February 24, 2014

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After finishing ALL THE WAY BACK, an earlier audio theatre project was next. Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and all its film and stage adaptations, has always been a favorite and it felt like I could do it justice. However, rather than create a faithful adaptation, a reinterpretation was decided upon. The audio theatre piece was THE RECLAMATION OF EMILY SCROOGE and my objective was to adapt it to stage theatre.

THE RECLAMATION OF EMILY SCROOGE is the story of Emily Scrooge set as a contemporary piece. Emily runs the global investment firm of Scrooge and Marley and is set on the evening before buying our her old employer, Fezzletter, which is located in London. The deal, which would establish Scrooge and Marley as the largest global investment firm, begins to fall apart when rumors of insider trading charges surface about Emily. Further, Fezzletter executives threaten to call off the deal. Scrooge demands they honor the contract an insists on flying to London that evening for a Christmas Day signing.

However, Scrooge’s world is complicated when her husband threatens to take their children and leave if she does not spend the holiday with them.  The evening is further upended when Josephine Marley, Scrooge’s deceased partner, unexpectedly stops by and warns of three Spirits who will be visiting Emily later that night.

During January and February, audio theatre script was adapted to a stage version. Retitled THE RECLAMATION to avoid confusion with the audio version, it was finished after three rewrites late in February. As with ALL THE WAY BACK, the cast went from over 25 to 11. But the original intent and spirit of the audio piece is intact and THE RECLAMATION is ready for submissions.

Stay tuned for further updates.



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