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2011 Writers Workshops – The Early Outline December 21, 2010

Posted by William Spear in >> News.

During the first four months of 2011, the Teen Cafe program of North Hiunterdon County Library in Clinton, New Jersey will conduct writers workshops. Held once a month, the workshops will present different formats and genre to the writers.

Mixing the premise that all participants are encouraged to help each other become better writers with the exploration of genre, the workshops will be presented as follows:

  1. Comedy: Everyone likes to laugh and laugh and laugh – Character development within the novel format as the basis for telling funny stories.
  2. Action: Hold on tight for fiteen minutes – The speed and power of short stories will be used to to get audiences into, and quickly out of, fast-moving situations.
  3. Autobiography: Your life, page one, in any format you can imagine – You are as interesting as any character; why not tell your life story?
  4. Mystery, suspense, and supernatural in metered verse: Thrills and chills of writing scary poems – Poetry’s flexibility makes it suitable for scaring readers; let the Wednesday Night Frights begin.

Also included are the following:

  • Each workshop will include a segement titled “Opening Paragraph.” Participants may write and read the first paragraph of a new work or read from an existing story.
  • Each workshop will also include a segment titled “Publishing your Work: Finding an audience is the hard part” which presents ways for finding an audience and getting published.

This is the second year for the workshops and should be as much fun as the last.

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