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From William R. Spear: Ink and Gear and Aerial Bacon November 29, 2010

Posted by William Spear in >> News.

Please accept introductions to William R. Spear and his online home titled Ink and Gear.

Spear’s first post, “Aerial Bacon: A Tale of Ham on the Wing,” is introduced here: 

In the smoking ruins of Manhattan stands the twisted skeleton of what was once the world’s tallest building. Years ago, a secret laboratory sat atop this crumbling skyscraper. Only a hundred people knew of this lab’s existence, and less than a dozen knew its true purpose.

The laboratory’s walls, ceilings, and floor tiles were a brilliant, headache-inducing white. Ivory-colored cages were arranged three high and ten long against the lab’s rear wall. The wall to the right of the cages was lined with computers, electronics, and biomedical devices that required government permits to own and operate. Across the room was the workbench, a long aluminum table with a wooden top, with what looked like the contents of a hundred toolboxes spread out across its surface. Harsh lights on the ceiling created globular reflections in each floor tile and bleached the starchy coats of the scientists below.

The scientists themselves stood around a steel operating table in the center of the room. One of them crouched over the last test subject while the other looked on in discomfort. The man looking on was named Wilson. He cleared his throat, straightened his tie, smoothed the front of his shirt, plucked an errant thread from his slacks, and slid his sweaty palms into his pockets. He cleared his throat again and finally spoke.”



Ink and Gear


“Aerial Bacon: A Tale of Ham on the Wing”




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1. amusingmindset - April 18, 2011

Wow, your site is really advanced! I love this intro from your story, it immediately entices me to read more…. and make me hungry. Both great things 🙂 I’m definitely checking out inkandgear next!


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