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Pleased to Announce: The Stories of Mayonnaise in My Cake and Other Holiday Delights are Published October 2, 2009

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Early in the morning of Thursday 1 October, Two Plus Plus Productions LLC published the short story titled MAYONNAISE IN MY CAKE. It is about an unnamed character who is an academically trained and professionally experienced chef but is invisible around his fiancee’s family, the Clarksons. On Thanksgiving Day he is going with his fiancee to her family for a large meal. Standing on the porch of her parent’s house he realized the following:

The Clarksons, like most families, were a universe unto themselves. Unfathomable, but comically hostile, planets dominated the landscape.”

He seemed destined to remain invisible until he created a memorable impression when he insisted on not putting any mayonnaise in his cake. The ending is enjoyable and one I’d like to try in real life.

However, and in a larger sense, 1 October 2009 was the publication of our anthology MAYONNAISE IN MY CAKE AND OTHER HOLIDAY DELIGHTS. When we announced on 1 January 2009 our intent to publish the anthology, 1 October seemed like an impossibly short amount of time to accomplish the task.

But we had been inspired by dear friends who gave us a one-word mantra: “Believe.” We expanded it into “Believe, Simply Believe” and that became our rallying cry. No matter how late the hour or miserable the conditions of a piece, we kept coming back to “Believe, Simply Believe.” The plays and stories ultimately evolved into representative offerings of their genre.

The original goal of publishing a book was sidetracked due to technology issues – read, crashed hard drive – but we opted for publishing the individual stories. So the content is present even if it must be read in eight separate files.

Work is not done. We will continue our fundraising efforts and building a single book from the eight stories. There are new stories to be written. But along the way, we will continue to “Believe, Simply Believe.”


Mayonnaise in My Cake



Two Plus Plus Productions LLC

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