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Spear publishes, dedicates, and tweets new audio play August 6, 2009

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William E. Spear, of Clinton Township, has published a new play titled “It Suits Her.” “It’s about two lives that collide in an unlikely setting – a tailor’s shop,” said Spear. He has also dedicated the audio play to a select group of friends and colleagues.


The story’s main character is Argosy “Maxie” Hills, an actor desperately trying to resurrect his career after years of drinking. He’s late for an audition and wants to wear his best suit. But it’s inside a tailor’s shop that has just closed for the evening.

The assistant manager of the shop is Celia Court. Years ago, she left the stifling circumstances of her family to pursue a college education. She despises her job but needs it to pay for her education. Maxie pleads with her to re-open the shop.

“Celia, ‘Ceel’ to her friends, is one more mistake away from being fired. Without her job, she won’t be able to finish her studies,” said Spear.

After a lengthy argument, Maxie convinces her to give him his suit. But the auditions are long over. Also, when the owner of the shop sees it’s not closed, he fires Ceel. With their careers seemingly over and their futures holding nothing obvious, the initial clash between Maxie and Ceel blossoms into respect, and ultimately, a warm friendship.


The themes of respect and friendship are also the basis for the author’s dedication. “During the last four years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the funniest and most creative people I’ve ever met. We all work at Kohl’s in Flemington, New Jersey. The intelligence and humor that walks around the store at any given moment is like a comedic, improvisational ensemble disguised as a retail department store. ‘It Suits Her’ is dedicated to friends and colleagues from the store,” said Spear.

Publishing and marketing

The script is available through Scribd, an online social publishing company. Spear had used the firm to publish an earlier work titled “Swing for the Fences – Episode One” with satisfactory results. Other publishers such as Random House and Simon & Schuster are also making books available through Scribd.

To market the play, Spear integrated Twitter into his efforts. Twitter is social networking and micro-blogging service. “We wanted to quickly raise the awareness of ‘It Suits Her’ and get it read,” said Spear. “The play went from a readership of zero to over 750 in two days. Plus Scribd featured it and 50 readers downloaded it.”

The play may continue to be read or downloaded for free until September 30, 2009 when it will be bundled into Spear’s upcoming anthology titled “Mayonnaise in My Cake and Other Holiday Delights.” Spear encourages readers to enjoy the play, experience Maxie and Ceel, and see if their new circumstances suit them.

About William E. Spear

Mr. Spear is President of Two Plus Plus Productions LLC in Clinton, New Jersey. The firm has published audio theatre plays since 2006. With its forthcoming collection titled “Mayonnaise in My Cake and Other Holiday Delights,” the firm has added short stories to its portfolio. Two Plus Plus Productions LLC, and its sister publication, Lit Between the Ears, may be found on the web at www.TwoPlusPlus.com . He may be contacted at Two.Plus.Plus.Productions@gmail.com .

“It Suits Her” may be found on the web at http://www.scribd.com/doc/18082545/It-Suits-Her . It may be read or downloaded for free until September 30, 2009.

Spear’s tweets may be followed at www.twitter.com/WilliamESpear .

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