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NY Times: Does mobile life in South Korea include listening to and buying audio theatre? May 26, 2009

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Choe Sang-Hun’s insighftul article on mobile life in South Korea (In South Korea, All of Life Is Mobile; May 25, 2009; New York Tines), tells of the convergence between banking and mobile technology and how cel phones have evolved into more than placing wireless calls. From the article:

Kim Hee-young, a statistics major at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul . . . wakes up in the morning when her mobile phone detonates an alarm, a loud Korean pop song. She checks weather forecasts on its screen before selecting what to wear. In the subway, Ms. Kim breezes through the turnstile after tapping the phone on a box that deducts the fare from a chip that contains a cash balance. While riding to school, she uses her mobile to check if a book has arrived at the library, slays aliens in a role-playing game, updates her Internet blog or watches TV.”

Two Plus Plus Productions and Lit Between the Ears better start getting broadcast time and sales in South Korea.

Some may be thinking that this is only South Korea. What kind of market numbers might be involved? Back to the article:

Each month last year, four million South Koreans bought music, videos, ring tones, online game subscriptions and articles from newspaper archives and other online items and charged them to their mobile phone bills, without going through any bank or credit card. The amount totaled 1.7 trillion won, or $1.4 billion at current exchange rates, last year. South Koreans have done this since 2000.”

Cue up our afilliates in Seoul, Daegu, and Jeollabuk-do. We’re on our way.

Radio works. Maybe in ways I’m not yet fully understanding, but radio works. And technology is taking it around the world.

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