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Siege at Sorrel Rift: Episode Six, the Final Episode April 8, 2009

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Siege at Sorrel Rift

Foreword Magazine

Lit Between the Ears and Two Plus Plus Productions are proud to present SIEGE AT SORREL RIFT by Veronica Paulina and starring Jason Downs and Lori Wilner.

SIEGE is about the passion between newlyweds Kaden Blood and Catherine Cobalt Blood. It is also about their two children, Elizabeth and Nathan, and the family they begin at Sorrel Rift.

However, when Kaden and Catherine’s intense desires become a bitter divorce, and Sorrel Rift is figuratively split apart, their family, and all four lives are in danger.

Episode One – Recap

Episode One introduced Kaden and Catherine Blood in their home at Sorrel Rift.

Episode Two – Recap

This episode opened with Kaden Blood speaking to the readers of The Ex-Press, his magazine for divorced mothers and fathers. The episode ended with The Narrator’s foreboding words for Lizzie and Nathan.

Episode Three – Recap

This episode spanned Kaden recalling the love he felt for Catherine on their wedding day and ended with Lizzie rallying The Rifts – the nickname for other children whose parents are going through bitter divorces.

Episode Four – Recap

The Rifts escaped their homes and joined together. When Kaden and Catherine and thousands of other parents followed their children to the nation’s capital to claim them, The Rifts took over a pleasure-ride boat, the Riverboat Queen, and headed away from land.

Episode Five – Recap

Kaden and Catherine ran along the bank following the Riverboat Queen. They hoped to keep the boat in sight and hoped it could stay afloat. But the Riverboat capsized and many Rifts perished. Lizzie died in the accident and Nathan was maimed.

And now, Episode Six

The Rifts are triumphant in their cause and celebrate throughout the land:

From the western sky like rolling thunder

Across this vast land to its opposite

Up high and down low to the infinite

Above and below, over and under

Everyone everywhere torn asunder

Children escaping from their parents’ split

As The Rifts celebrate their manumit

We–you and me–must worry and wonder.”

For Kaden and Catherine, “The Bloods’ tale ends where it once did begin // Kaden and Catherine in their hearts’ redoubt”.

But Nathan carries on in Lizzie’s absence: 

Nathan raises his arm then stops to kneel

The crowd stills in his presence and fame

He speaks of Lizzie, of her drive and zeal

Takes out the paper for which they all came

To their constitution, their pact and seal

With trembling hand, Nathan Blood signs his name.”

Listen to Episode Six

Previous episodes of Siege at Sorrel Rift

Episode One – original broadcast date Wednesday March 4, 2009

Listen to Episode One:


Episode Two – original broadcast date Wednesday March 11, 2009

Listen to Episode Two:


Episode Three – original broadcast date Wednesday March 18, 2009

Listen to Episode Three:


Episode Four – original broadcast date Wednesday March 25, 2009

Listen to Episode Four:


Episode Five – original broadcast date Wednesday April 1, 2009

Listen to Episode Five:

A Story in Sonnets
By Veronica Paulina

Jason Downs starred as Kaden Blood
Lori Wilner starred as The Narrator

Robert Euvino was Producer and Engineer

Published on audio by Hague Clinton Inc.

The audio package includes 2 CDs plus the complete text and is available through the author’s website:

Email the author at Veronica@VeronicaPaulina.com

Can’t wait? Purchase Siege at Sorrel Rift as an MP3 download from Audible.com:

Closing comments from William E. Spear, Publisher and Producer of Lit Between the Ears

It has been our pleasure to present Veronica Paulina’s SIEGE AT SORREL RIFT. In producing this mini-series, we’ve enjoyed every moment of working with Veronica and listening to SORREL RIFT. The characters and stories she created were compelling and the actors she cast brought the entire production to life.

Enjoy Veronica’s writing, Robert Euvino’s producing and engineering, but most of all, enjoy SIEGE AT SORREL RIFT.

— Spear

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