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Brick Cave Media: Introduces “The Stories of Haven” April 1st April 1, 2009

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Anthology, Inc. and Brick Cave Media (BCM) have announced a new partnership involving the Haven series of superhero stories that appeared in Anthology magazine between 1994-1997. Starting April 1st, 2009, BCM will begin taking submissions and subscriptions for a new series of the stories, with subscribers receiving a new Adobe PDF story delivered by email once per month.

The stories center around the made up city of Haven, where people don masks and costumes to either fight crime or take over the city. The plots can vary far and wide, and they are written by different people.

Writers will be able to write and submit new stories and readers will be able to read new stories from the series.

Says Bob Nelson “This is an excellent way to leverage Anthology’s tremendous history and create a new and exciting world for readers to explore and enjoy. Haven was always a popular feature of Anthology magazine, and now it will be a stand alone medium in it’s own right.”

Joining the Staff at BCM for the Haven stories are Bob Nelson, original Anthology creator and Haven co-creator Joe Giunta, Former Anthology magazine executive editor, an current Board Member Sharon Skinner, Nicholaus Ozment, an original Anthology magazine staffer who wrote some of the original Haven Stories, and Scott Woods, writer and comicfan.

Look for rewritten and cleaned up versions of the original eleven stories to be released starting in April, and subscribers will be able to access special areas of the Haven website to research characters and places in the storyline to use in their own stories.

Says Bob, “The Great thing about Haven, you get to write superhero stories, and you can use anybody’s hero in your story, anybody’s villian, what have you. It’s the greatest writing excercise ever.”


Brick Cave Media

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