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Arts & Answers: Tania Leon, Tuesday March 17, 9:30-10 PM March 17, 2009

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Host Anne Cammon interviews acclaimed composer Tania Leon as she prepares for the premiere of Inura, her dance score to be performed by DanceBrazil.


Arts & Answers

Anne Cammon



89.9 FM


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1. William J. Zick - March 17, 2009

I am happy to learn of Anne Cammon’s interview with the Afro-Cuban composer Tania Leon tonight at 9:30 PM. This post is republished on AfriClassical blog. Tania Leon is profiled as a Composer of African Descent at http://www.AfriClassical.com

William Spear - March 17, 2009


Thank you for your comments and bringing AfriClassical.com to our attention. We’ll stop by soon.


William E. Spear
Publisher and Producer
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