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Private Ear Audio Theatre: The Private Ear Radio Hour on Friday March 13 March 13, 2009

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Private Ear Audio TheatreThis month, Private Ear Audio Theatre (PEAT) performs three original audio plays: Two shorts, “Sabertooth” and “The Family Grave” from its new horror anthology series, The Witching Hour and “Dead Man’s Hand” from its ongoing series, The Smoker.

The performance will take place Friday, March 13th at 7pm at The Brooklyn Lyceum (227 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215). Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or in advance at www.brooklynlyceum.com or www.privateear.org.

“Sabertooth” follows a paleontologist and her guide as they hunt for fortune . . . or is it hunting them? “The Family Grave” finds a father and daughter as they attempt to bury a bloody secret.

PEAT’s original series, The Smoker, features hero, Lambert Prince, the dashing young editor of The Daily Beacon who, while traveling in uncharted Arabia, stumbled upon the Gardens of Babylon. Here he learned how to roll a cigarette whose secret ingredients transform him from flesh and bone . . . to living smoke. Now he haunts the streets of Big City aided by his feisty star reporter, Virginia Dale, waging a relentless war on crime as The Smoker.

In this month’s show, “Dead Man’s Hand,” Lambert Prince becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of chance with a hard-shelled adversary.

About Private Ear Audio Theatre
Private Ear Audio Theatre presents live performances of classic and original works of radio drama. These productions are recorded so listeners may view them as intended in the Theatre of the Mind, bringing the sensibilities of the Golden Age of Radio to the modern era. Private Ear Audio Theatre champions the power of the audience’s imagination.


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