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Words from the Sponsors (We’d Like to Hear): Mars introduces “Snacklish” March 2, 2009

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In Stuart Elliot’s article “The Vocabulary of Snacking, Lightly Sweetened” (New York Times; March 2, 2009), the new Mars campaign for its Snickers candy brand is detailed.

Based around the made-up language, Snacklish, the company has set expectations which are “very strong,” according to Carole Walker, vice president for integrated marketing communications at the Mars Snackfood U.S. division of Mars in Hackettstown, N.J. “We’re very bullish,” says Ms. Walker.

Snacklish converts common words into a language related to Snickers. Elliot offers the following examples:

For instance, the basketball great Patrick Ewing becomes Patrick Chewing. Combine the rapper Master P with the peanut, a main ingredient of Snickers, and he turns into Master P-nut — perhaps a hip-hop relation of the Planters brand mascot, Mr. Peanut.

Other examples include a Snickers taxi, or snaxi; peanutarium, for planetarium; and chompensation, for compensation. And the Sigma Nu fraternity is transformed into Sigma Nougat, after another Snickers ingredient.

The possibilities are endless. You could someday, perhaps, read a Snacklish version of this article that quotes Caramel Walker, written by Chewart Elliott for The Nougat York Times.”

Applause is earned by Mars for working to maintain the leadership position of Snickers in its category. But to do so in the midst of a fierce economic downturn seems counter-intuitive at best and a cash-drain at worst. However, Stuart (Chewart) points out that brands have thrived in difficult times by creating affordable value.

Further, competitive pressures do not permit the firm to rest on its 70 years of success. “Our competitive set is moving ahead, so we can’t afford to pull back,” said Mars’ Ms. Walker.

We salute Mars and expect to speak a little Snacklish in the coming months. Meanwhile, how do Lit Between the Ears and Two Plus Plus Productions make its next book, Mayonnaise in My Cake and Other Delights, an affordable value at $14.95?

Snack-food for thought.

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