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From the publisher: February – March 2009: New colleagues at RADIOPLAY and Gypsy Audio February 3, 2009

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Welcome to Lit Between the Ears and Two Plus Plus Productions LLC.

Mayonnaise in My Cake and Other Delights is speeding along. New work is being written and existing work is being re-written. Feels good – really good – to be working on the next book.

We’ve had the pleasant fortune of meeting more people involved in making radio drama, audio theatre, and great sounds. One is Lee Labit of RADIOPLAY magazine. We will be cross-promoting RADIOPLAY with our readers.

Another voice new to us is Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard at Gypsy Audio. GA aired two scripts and a behind-the-scenes-piece with us in February and we look forward to presenting more.

It’s a long road between now and the release of Mayonnaise in My Cake. We’ll be talking and writing about the process and end result for the months come.

However, at each step we will continue to: Believe, Simply Believe



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