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The Leviathan Chronicles: Chapter 17 February 2, 2009

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A young immortal named Nathaniel escapes from Leviathan with a deadly secret and is hunted through the streets of Amsterdam. He is racing to find safety within the Rebellion but a lethal assassin named Gravlar tries to kill him first. Meanwhile, back in Sutton Manor, Seinshun wrestles with the guilt of his decision to rebel and tries to find comfort with Ikoro. And back in Beijing, Mai Lee and Oberlin are running for their lives. She reveals to him how the Chinese lost the Starstone and the origins of Hei Ten Shi’s secret mission.


The Leviathan Chronicles

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1. shaun everiss - July 19, 2009

I am a new listener I listened to an ep of this and was hooked.
Only one issue I am trying to find alternite downloads of this thing and the site is like flash based.
since I am blind I can’t read it, not sure if you own the site or whatever but if someone could urgently contact me about this I’d really appreciate it.
I can’t go anywhere on the site in fact if it was not for some guys on the brokensea production list I’d never get the first 10 eps.
I can’t use itunes either so I need either some direct links or something.
also the forum is no good either.
or wiki.

William Spear - July 21, 2009

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for stopping by; it’s a pleasure to meet you.

The Leviathan Chronicles has an RSS feed of its podcasts at:

Stop by often and enjoy the Chronicles.


William E. Spear

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