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Coming in March 2009: Siege at Sorrel Rift, the mini-series January 27, 2009

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Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award Finalist in Audio Fiction

Sex and spite, a husband and a wife, a bitter divorce and a home tragically divided. All these and more are brought to life in the audio book “Siege at Sorrel Rift, A Story in Sonnets” by Veronica Paulina.


“The book’s theme of love and war is both timely—and timeless,” says Paulina, of her first book.  “It is a simple—and highly cautionary—tale of the devastation which results when parents wage war and force children into their fight.”

Starting on Wednesday March 4, and continuing for the succeeding five Wednesdays, the story of Kaden and Catherine Blood’s divorce is splashed across the pages of The Ex-Press, Kaden’s magazine for divorced mothers and fathers.

Their war also engulfs their children, Lizzie and Nathan, and a growing band of followers – other children of warring parents who have escaped their homes and joined together. Lizzie, Nathan and their followers call themselves The Rifts.

“Siege at Sorrel Rift, A Story In Sonnets” starts at 8:00 PM on Wednesday March 4, 2009 here at Lit Between the Ears.

A Story in Sonnets
By Veronica Paulina
Published on audio by Hague Clinton Inc.
Audio package includes 2 CDs plus the complete text
Available through the author’s website:

Email the author at veronica@veronicapaulina.com

Can’t wait? Purchase Siege at Sorrel Rift as an MP3 download from Audible.com:

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