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WFHB: Firehouse Theater presents The Desk by Carl Chetty and produced by Promising Productions on Sunday from 8:00-10:00 p.m. January 25, 2009

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Host Richard Fish and the Firehouse Theatre present the best in audio theatre, old and new, on Sundays from 8:00-10:00 p.m.

This week’s show on Sunday January 25 includes The Desk by Carl Chetty. The Desk was created by Promising Productions, stage and radio drama producers in London, UK and drew this response from Richard:

WOW, what a piece! It’s about ordinary people; the situations, reactions, and emotions are very much understandable to most everyone; and yet the dramatisation has lifted it onto a much higher plane, and made it highly entertaining as well.

The Desk is one of the most beautifully sustained monologues I’ve ever heard, if not THE most. Carl Chetty has a fine ear for words, and the story unfolds masterfully.

Angela Bull’s performance is just wonderful — Marnie is utterly real. I liked the music very much, and the sound design was excellent throughout.

Congratulations are due to all.”


WFHB Community Radio for South Central Indiana

91.3 FM | 98.1 Bloomington | 100.7 Nashville | 106.3 Ellettsville

Streaming on the Web at http://www.wfhb.org

Promising Productions LLP – Registered in England No: OC327193

Registered Office:

26 Webster Road

London SE16 4DF


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