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Radio drama, The American Girl, and a lesson for Two Plus Plus Productions December 30, 2008

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Submitted for consideration is the following about American Girl, LLC, the company which makes The American Girl dolls and much more. The firm strives to create:

A premiere lifestyle brand that offers a variety of age-appropriate, high-quality dolls, books, clothing, and accessories. All of our products inspire individuality, intellectual curiosity, and imagination, and celebrate what it means to be an American girl.”

Holy schmoly. All that from dolls? Believe it.

If a recent visit to its New York City store is indicative of the entire company, the firm is succeeding wildly. From its core of dolls ranging across various historical periods, the firm adds clothing, books, accessories – for both the dolls and the girls who own them – and everything imaginable to bring the dolls and their individual stories to life. There was even a movie released in 2008 titled, “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”.

But all this is much more than merely stamping their logo on everything in sight. The company intelligently extends its reach in ways which expands the horizons of the pre-teens lucky to receive one of its products. In its own words, the firm is committed to its “passion for who girls are today and who they can become tomorrow.”

Lit Between the Ears salutes American Girl, LLC and asks one simple question: “How can I create a lifestyle brand from my Secret Agent Dad radio drama series?”


American Girl, LLC


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