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Giant Gnome Productions: Goldfield September 23, 2008

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The first episode of Giant Gnome’s The 13th Hour series is titled GOLDFIELD. In this story, a former Pinkerton detective learns that ghosts of the past – and hidden secrets – have a way of coming back from the grave. 

Credits for GOLDFIELD:

  • Megan Pressley as Elizabeth
  • Kim Gianopolous as Emma Carlton
  • Jon Specht as Phil Carlton
  • Perry Whittle as Fred Cooper
  • Melissa Johnson as Jane Wilson
  • Mark Zaricor as George Wingfield
  • Abner Senires as the Man
  • Tyrone Wells as the Announcer and Jason
  • Steve Carter as Pinkerton Detective Steve Murphy
  • Jon Specht as the TimeKeeper
  • Perry Whittle as the GraveDigger
  • Music graciously provided by: Virgil Franklin, Kevin Macleod and Jim Paterson
  • Produced by Tony Raymond and Waleed Ovase
  • Written by CJ Hurtt
  • Audio Engineered by MJ Cogburn
  • The Executive Producer of Giant Gnome Productions is Waleed Ovase




 The 13th Hour

The 13th Hour tolls for someone . . . Is it you?

It is the dark side of midnight

and time to face your innermost fears.

Here, shadows overpower and banish the light,

freeing the monsters of the imagination.

When the 13th Hour strikes,

so does the fear inside us all.


About Giant Gnome Productions

Giant Gnome Productions is a new audio drama group.  Its niche is great audio drama, no matter what the story type, from Westerns to Horror, and everything in between.  They are a group of audio nuts who love to create great shows, in the audio format.

Giant Gnome’s audio drama is available from its feeds, as well as on iTunes.  Both links are available on the original show pages.  Listeners can download each episode individually as well.

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1. Steve Carter - September 24, 2008

Thanks Mr. Spear,
We worked pretty hard to make this happen.
I had a lot of fun playing hard boiled.
I’m sure you will help us get to some ears.


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