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The Leviathan Chronicles – Trailer for Season One July 30, 2008

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Lit Between the Ears welcomes Christof Laputka who emerged from two years in development this past April with The Leviathan Chronicles in hand. He launches the series with a matter-of-fact premise:

Immortality, longevity, and endless lifespan. Watching civlizations rise and fall. What would you do to become immortal?

With that, and the introduction of Macallan Orsel, a genetic scientist working at Rockefeller University in New York City, the trailer relentlessly pulls the audience in:

Christof offers these details on the series:

Each episode is 30-60 minutes and one new episode is released every 10 days.  Currently we are on Episode Eight (Episode Nine was released on July 24).  There is a total of 25 episodes planned for Season One.  We have a cast of over 50 actors and great original music score.

We’ll play each episode of Season One in order on Monday nights and offer updates on Christof’s new episodes. To discover what happens to Macallan Orsel, who, in her words, is “forced on a quest around the globe to fulfill a destiny I never chose . . . if only I can stay alive”, and all the characters in The Leviathan Chronicles, come back each Monday night at 8:00 PM east coast time.

Immortality or freedom . . which would you choose? Tune into the The Leviathan Chronicles on Lit Between the Ears and find out.


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