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“I need cash” from Bridging the Gap, the Sequel April 20, 2008

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Laura M. Holson’s fine article, BRIDGING THE GAP, THE SEQUEL (April 15, 2008; New York Times online) describes the current divide between the mindsets of the entertainment industry and venture capitalists.

Ms. Holson relays a conversation between a Hollywood producer and Silicon Valley executive. The executive explained much of Silicon Valley’s wealth was created through stock options. Then the executive asked if the producer would consider accepting stock options instead of cash.

Quoting Holson’s article:

“The Hollywood producer remarked, “I fly a G4 (Gulfstream jet). How far do you think my G4 will go on stock options? I need cash.”

Perhaps this insight is an opportunity. Rather than front-load funding for audio drama projects, a longer term perspective may be ultimately be more successful.

Accepting options for equity in a company built around a portfolio of audio drama projects and related initiatives affords an opportunity to build a grander scale of success than any one project might deliver. Extending options in the company to key personnel focuses everyone’s energy on building the best entertainment proposition commercially and creatively possible.

Anyone have a number for Silicon Valley?

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