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Syndicated: Radio Drama Revival – Episode 63: Beware of “Next Year’s Girl” April 3, 2008

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Next Years Girl - Gothic Fairy Tale Radio DramaThis week RDR takes classic fairy tales and turns them on their heads with a compelling piece produced as part of the Willamette Radio Workshop’s Writer’s on the Air radio writing workshop help every summer. “Next Year’s Girl” tells about a small village held under the thumb of a beast which requires a yearly sacrifice of their young girls. But as one daring young girl finds out, there is beauty in the beast, and more beasts than one easily sees . . .


Radio Drama Revival

Episode 63: Beware of “Next Year’s Girl”

Original broadcast date: 28 March 2008

This Syndicated program is sponsored by Radio Drama Revival!

Radio Drama Revival!Radio Drama Revival! is a weekly radio show/podcast dedicated to stories told through sound, showcasing the diversity and vitality of modern audio theater. Operated by Frederick Greenhalgh of FinalRune Productions, the show features audio theater stories and discussion with contemporary dramatists from across the United States. Radio Drama Revival! airs live on WMPG FM 90.9 and 104.1 in Portland, Maine, streams on the web at http://www.wmpg.org/ , and podcasts from http://www.radiodramarevival.com/ .

Details for Radio Drama Revival!:

Thursdays 1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Broadcasting on WMPG FM 90.9 and 104.1 in Portland, Maine

Streaming on http://www.wmpg.org/

Podcasting on http://www.radiodramarevival.com/

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