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Long Island Radio Day: “. . . Only 20 yards to your right. . . . Now they’re . . .” February 29, 2008

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. . . Finally here.


Experience the Martian invasion which began in Grovers Mill, New Jersey and spread destruction from Philadelphia to Long Island and beyond.


Relive the history of television with Dr. Alex Magoun, Executive Director of the David Sarnoff Library in Princeton (near Grovers Mill).


Unleash your inner alien while listening to a theremin, an electronic musical instrument used in early Science Fiction programs.


Tomorrow, Saturday, March 1, 2008, Long Island Radio Day explodes with entertainment, education, and electronic instruments.


Be ready for the Martians.


Long Island Wireless Historical Society

in a cooperative effort with

WCWP / 88.1 FM

presents its Second Annual


Long Island Radio Day

March 1st, 2008

General Admission $ 6.00


Keynote Speaker, Dr. Alex Magoun, of the

Executive Director of the David Sarnoff Library,

(Princeton, New Jersey; http://www.davidsarnoff.org/)

will speak about the History of Television  — 11:00 a.m.


A Live Stage Preformance of H.G. Wells’

“The War of the Worlds”

Adapted for Radio 60 Years ago by Mr. Howard Koch

Performed by Hunterdon Radio Theatre — 3:00 p.m.


Preceded by the demonstration of a “Theremin”,

the electronic musical instrument used in early Sci-Fi.


Performance Admission $ 5.00 additional.


To be held again at the

Tilles Center Atrium

Long Island University / C.W. Post Campus

Brookville, NY  11545


— Featured this year —

Antique and Restored Radios on Exhibit and for Sale

WCWP Station Tours in Abrams Communication Center

An Operating Amateur Radio Station — Call-Sign “W2R”

Old Time Radio Recordings

Historic Radio Displays

Hands-on Displays

Famous Radio Personalities

Radio-controlled Model Aircraft Displays

Wireless-controlled Model Railroad Displays


For additional information about Long Island Radio Day 2008 call:

# 30 #



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