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Sunday at Seven: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – “The Milford Brooks III Matter” February 17, 2008

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Sunday at Seven is proud to feature Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar in its debut weekly broadcast. Tonight’s broadcast is “The Milford Brooks III Matter” and is courtesy of Old Time Radio Mystery Theater.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – the “action-packed expense account”

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is a radio drama about the “fabulous freelance insurance investigator with the action-packed expense account”. It aired for 14 years from February, 1949 to September 30, 1962 on CBS.

Charles Russell was the first to star as Johnny Dollar, followed by a succession of actors including Edmund O’Brien, John Lund, Bob Bailey, Bob Readick, and Mandel Kramer.

Listen to, and enjoy, “The Milford Brooks III Matter”:

Sunday at Seven

Sunday at Seven is Lit Between the Ear’s program for listening to vintage radio drama and contemporary audio theatre. Posted once each week, literally Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm, our goal is to present a variety of genre and format.

Old Time Radio Mystery Theater

Mysteryshows.com Forum IndexOld Time Radio Mystery Theater’s mission is to provide fine shows to the folks who grew up listening to them and still enjoy hearing them today. Also to introduce old time radio to young people and provide them with the chance to enjoy these great shows.

Visit the Old Time Radio Message Board for show reviews, OTR information and links to shows from other members of the club located at:



Old Time Radio Mystery Theater



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