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Checking in with Dennis Rookard of Hosiprog January 27, 2008

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Dennis Rookard stopped by with news from Hosiprog. He first shared his views on radio in an interview last year ( Three Questions: an interview with . . . Dennis Rookard; April 26, 2007; https://twoplusplus.wordpress.com/category/three-questions-an-interview-with/ ).

Hosiprog is a non profit organisation producing copyright free drama and feature productions for Hospital Broadcasting use. Hosiprog is located in Brentwood, Essex UK and on the web at http://www.hosiprog.talktalk.net/ .

Take it away, Dennis.



Hello troops, and yes this is a shameless plug for the all new re-vamped Hosiprog site which has moved home.  (Well, the landlord started to complain about the activities of our actors.)

So Hosiprog can now be found at its new home on the web at http://www.hosiprog.talktalk.net/ .

When you log on, apart from the new design layout, you’ll be welcomed by Joanne with our rather cool welcome jingle.

But it gets better for if you click over the covers you’ll get a five minute audio preview.

And as an extra bonus, log on to our free downloads page and you can either hear of download a selection of material.

You mean you want even more from Hosiprog? Well, how about the new series of Sherlock Holmes stories. This is a collaboration between Hosiprog and the world famous Sherlock Holmes Society of London.  Under producer Roger Johnson, the aim will be to produce all the great detective’s stories. We already have three discs available with six thirty minute productions.

And, finally, just because everybody else seems to have a blog, we have to be the same, only in our case it’s written by the studio dog. A beast called Spot.



Full contact details and Spot’s blog:


15 Fairfield Road

Brentwood, Essex CM14 4LR. UK

Telephone or Fax on 44 ( 0 ) 1 277 219160


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1. josephatkinsonJoseph Atkinson - November 19, 2013

The Hosiprog productions are incredible. I really like the Sherlock Holmes series. However, when I try to get unto your site to locate other excellent podcasts, I cannot get on as I need to be invited. How does one get invited.

Dr. Joe Atkinson

John Rhodes - October 13, 2014

You will find Hosiprog programmes on Times Past ning.

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