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Checking in with Lance Roger Axt, Founder of Play it by Ear Productions January 22, 2008

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On 12 January 2007, Lance Roger Axt spent time with us offering his views and insight on radio drama, sorry Lance, we meant to write audio drama (Three Questions: an interview with . . . Lance Roger Axt, Founder of Play it by Ear Productions; https://twoplusplus.wordpress.com/2007/01/12/three-questions-an-interview-with-lance-roger-axt-founder-of-play-it-by-ear-productions/). It’s been over a year and he stopped by with the following update:


“Since September of 2006, Play it by Ear Productions has been presenting a series of informal old time radio recreations in Pacific Grove, CA, called the “Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear” series. Each show has a specific theme: we’ve had “Danger is my Business” (detective shows), “The Sunday Funnies” (comic strip-based serial episodes), and “Things That Go Bump” (the Halloween show, featuring The Shadow). This Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 and 7:00 respectively, we’re presenting “New York, New York” featuring Grand Central Station and The Damon Runyon Theatre at The Works Bookstore and Cafe on Lighthouse Avenue in PG. Two months of comedies to follow: Topper, The Bickersons, Duffy’s Tavern, and Our Miss Brooks.
“And I’m teaching audio for kids at the School of Dramatic Arts at Pacific Rep in Carmel. Over the course of ten classes eight kids will write a ten minute episode of a made-up serial where they play pre-teen superheroes. In March, they will go into a recording studio in Monterey to record their original play, the result being a personalized CD at the end of the recording process.
“The new “We Have Ignition” plays will record at the end of this year (Turn to Stone and another TBA).
“AudioComics is now a separate entity from PibE; we’ll be announcing the first title this year. Also, there are four co-producers in this venture; myself, Bill Dufris, Sue Zizza, and Dan Bernard. Bill and Sue’s contact info is on the NATF Members list if you’re looking for more “Three Questions” guests.”


Thanks for the news, Lance. And let Sue and Bill know we’ll be in touch.

For more information, Mr. Axt may be reached at the following:

Lance Roger Axt
Producing Director
Play it by Ear Productions
13 Glen Lake Drive
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 869-9995



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