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Proposed: The Industrial Football League, an audio game August 14, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> Dramatic Radio, >> News, >> Out Basket.

It’s August 2007 and the upcoming American football season is about to start. That means the annual releases of new football video games are coming to retailers across the country. Everyone from college to professional, ESPN to Electronic Arts, and even fantasy leagues are gearing up to take players into computer-simulated video games.

We humbly submit for consideration the following alternative: The Industrial Footbal League, an audio game.

Like the game itself, the IFL pits teams, coaches and players against each other. Offenses choose plays and defenses protect their end zones. Special teams attempt or disrupt punts, field goals, and kickoffs.

The differences lie in how the action takes place. First, rather than making another twitch game in which the outcome is based largely upon opposing digit dexterity, the teams choose plays and let the computer create the action. A trap play into a stacked line deserves little or no gain whether the results are determined by PC’s or persons.

However, a more profound change would be in how the results are presented. Each game’s “Announcer” would call the action based upon the plays selected. No more pressing button A, B, or C to turn a hopelessly selected counter play into a 99-yard highlight reel touchdown. No more secret codes would enable a bumbling cornerback to miraculously intercept passes incapable of being touched even by Superman. Choose the plays, sit back, and listen to the game.

Success in the IFL is based upon each players’ intelligence rather than thumb muscles. Perhaps losing frequently to sons and daughters who can simultaneously press buttons A, B, and C while tapping Jump/Soar/Leap over Tall Buildings but don’t know the difference between a Screen Pass and a screen door has brought me to this place.

Excuse me, but the inaugural season of the Industrial Football League is about to kickoff.

Radio, excuse me, audio works.

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