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X-Viper Hour: Ford and James Family aired Monday 23 July 2007 July 29, 2007

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On Monday 23 July, Phillip J. Hoying, Executive Director of X-Viper Hour (XVH), hosted the audio theater premiers of Amy James, Bob Ford, Jake Ford, and Chloe Ford better known as the Ford and James Family.

Contemporary audio theatre . . .

Joined by standard XVH members, they performed Elaine A. Power’s The Ransom of Red Chief and “The Hex” from Conversations with Dudley Dewlap during the first half hour of the show. Powers is a member and officer of Hunterdon Radio Theatre ( http://www.hrtonline.org/ ) in Clinton, New Jersey.

. . . Plus classic radio drama . . .

The latter half of the program included a live reproduction of “The Housekeeper” from Father Knows Best written by Ed James and originally aired over the NBC network on June 22, 1950.

. . . Equals . . .

“It was a night of family fun and laughs,” said Hoying. He then added, “Recordings of The Ransom of Red Chief and The Housekeeper may be found online through XVH http://www.xviperhour.org/ransom.aspx and http://www.xviperhour.org/thehousekeeper.aspx respectively.”

Contact details

To learn more about the X-Viper Hour, please visit http://www.xviperhour.org/.  Or, send a letter to:

Mr. Phillip J. Hoying
Executive Director
X-Viper Hour
Hamilton College Student Activities
198 College Hill Rd.
Clinton, NY 13323

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