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Wrong-footing people and developing range with Daniel Radcliffe July 20, 2007

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With the release of “The Order of the Phoenix”, the fifth Harry Potter movie based upon JK Rowling’s characters, and the seventh and last book, “The Deathly Hallows”, hours away from debuting, the world is awash in Potter-mania.

Phoenix is grand and bold and loads of fun. Further, this muggle will queue up for Hallows at precisely 00:01 Saturday 21 July at a favorite local, independent bookstore.

Perhaps even more magical is to see the progression of Daniel Radcliffe’s professional development.

In Matthew Gurewitsch’s fine “Portrait of the Wizard as a Young Artist” (Wall Street Journal; July 17, 2007; Page D6), Radcliffe talked of wanting to “wrong-foot people”, to catch them off guard.

Kudos, Mr. Radcliffe. Wrong-footing people is a prized attribute. May it sustain you for many years.

But it was his closing quote that inspired. In paying tribute to actor Gary Oldman, who appears as Harry Potter’s godfather, Racliffe tossed out the following:

Gary Oldman can do anything. I’m quietly ambitious to develop that kind of range.”

He already has a body of work which has played around the world and developed legions of fans. He’s earned salaries and fees which permit him to never work again if he chooses. Yet, he closes an interview about further developing his acting skills.

We salute you, Mr. Radcliffe, and wish you and your colleagues nothing but succcess in the forthcoming Potter movies and beyond.

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