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Why radio works: “Why Formats Don’t Matter” but sound does July 15, 2007

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Jim Feeley writes regularly for Studio Monthly. His work is insightful and informational for which we salute him.

As radio dramatists also seeking entry into film and other visual media, we devour his articles as part of our own learning processes.

Mr. Feeley’s current article “Why Formats Don’t Matter” (July 2007; Studio Monthly), makes a strong argument why differing video formats make very little difference in telling a story.

He also indirectly bolsters our position that radio can tell a story as well any other media with easier access from a financial perspective. Quoting Mr. Feeley:

Sound isn’t picture, but poor audio draws so much of an audience’s attention that it doesn’t matter what’s on screen. People gloss over or ignore small visual gaffes, but any drop in audio quality pulls the audience away from the image and, more importantly, the story.  . . . Attention to sound is the cheapest way to improve production values— much cheaper than chasing the current hot image format.”

While Mr. Feeley ultimately concludes that format doesn’t matter if the story is right, we come to a slightly endpoint:

When the story’s right, radio or film will engage audiences.”

Radio works.

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