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Why radio works: More, much more, than only two eyes, Mr. Buffett July 13, 2007

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In David Carr’s informative article titled Business Casual (July 13, 2007; New York Times), a few shards of insight on Allen & Company’s clositered media, technology, and entertainment event were presented despite the thuggishly described security crew.

Sounds like you earned combat pay.

Carr’s theme of technology driving business and business development – or, ‘Synergy with a vengeance’ to paraphrase Sony’s Howard Stringer – was developed throughout the piece. Clearly, media, technology, and entertainment minds get it.

Or do they?

Buried toward the bottom of the report was a short paragraph referencing Warren Buffett.

Warren E. Buffett, modestly holding forth, for a group of folks. Paydirt. “Content has many ways of getting to the world, we’ve learned that,” Mr. Buffett said. “But the problem is, you still have only two eyeballs to take it in . . .”

Hold on, Mr. Buffet.

Radio doesn’t need “two eyeballs” to entertain, inform, amaze, or communicate. Audio is integrating a diverse technology platform to facilitate synchronous and asynchronous delivery of content. Radio has a flexibility of application to achieve creative and commercial initiatives ranging from storytelling to profitmaking.

The medium does more, much more, between the ears than “two eyeballs” ever will.

Maybe the bigs don’t get it.

Radio works.

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