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Why radio works: Monologuing on Supers, Villains, and the future of Brad Bird’s The Incredibles July 8, 2007

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Brad Bird
Pixar Animation Studios
1200 Park Avenue
Emeryville, California 94608

Dear Mr. Bird:

Please accept compliments on your recent release of Ratatouille; the clips and trailers are hilarious and we wish you success.

When your schedule permits, might we encourage you to revisit your work with The Incredibles? The universe of characters and potential storylines is a rich vein of material we’d like to see developed further.

Woven together by Agent Rick Dicker at the National Supers Agency, imagine the following:

  1. Prequels of dead or presumed dead Supers;
  2. Past, present, and future villains and their would-be world dominations; and
  3. The progress of the Incredible family.

These are stories worth telling and radio can lead the way in expanding the world of The Incredibles. The medium is efficient, cost effective in developing opportunities in other media, and enables turnaround times not matched elsewhere. The aural track created in the movie can be expanded further when unshackled from visual elements.

We look forward to future stories of The Incredibles. The entertainment and no-holds-barred fun waiting to be heard is immense.

With warm regards,

Whole Buffalo Productions

PS – Maybe the audio Incredibles could be launched on the iPhone. The groundwork has been placed for radio drama on the iPhone.


PPS – Radio works.

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