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Why radio works: Barcodes, cell phones, radio drama and the CellScan Network June 17, 2007

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Marie Griffin’s insightful article about cell phones scanning printed codes to access additional data set a few wheels in motion (‘Network World’ connects; 1 June 2007; Media Business).  Quoting Griffin’s piece:

The June 4 edition of IDG’s Network World will have an inscrutable matrix of dots in a box on its table of contents page, along with an invitation: “Scan this code with your cell phone.”

Although it may look ordinary, the text box is somewhat revolutionary. It is likely the first time a business publication in the U.S. has offered its readers the option of getting to the information they seek on a Web site via the mobile Internet without keying in or clicking.

Imagine a scan code through which mobile users can listen to a radio drama program. The code could be contained in an interview, advertisement, magazine insert, marketing literature or other material. As a working title, the CellScan Network is launched.

Returning to Griffin’s article:

On NetworkWorld.com, “the user has a plethora of options to continue their brand experience,” (VP-audience and architecture at NetworkWorld.com Dan) Gallagher said. “Through cell phone scanning, we can now offer the same extended brand experience in our print magazine. That is very exciting.”

Exciting, indeed. Next on the CellScan Network is . . .

Radio works.

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