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Why radio works: “Genius and Misfit Aren’t Synonyms, or Are They?” June 3, 2007

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By G. Pascal Zachary, on 3 June 2007, in The New York Times

Zachary’s article is a fine example of business journalism offering examples of those individuals who successfully thumb their noses at the status quo all the way to the bank.

A few excerpts are as follows:

“. . .praise the misfit innovator, “the loser now,” in Bob Dylan’s venerable lyric, who “will be later to win.”

“. . .identify “paradigm shifts” as the key to advances in science and technology.

“As the London-based writer Ziauddin Sardar has noted, in the popular mind, [science historian Thomas] Kuhn reduced science to “nothing more than long periods of boring conformist activity punctuated by outbreaks of irrational deviance.”

“. . .a dictum Andrew S. Grove, the company’s [Intel] former chairman and chief executive, often invoked. When everyone says that something is true, be very skeptical, Mr. Grove advised. Question the obvious.

““The reality is that world-changing amounts of money are earned by people who question orthodoxies.””

Are there five quotes not written about radio drama and its professionals which better describe us? Genius, us? Do you really think so?

Let the misfits rule.

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