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Greetings to Ron O’Reilly and Stories Worth Repeating May 4, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> Dramatic Radio, >> News.

Lit Between the Ears take pleasure in introducing Ron O’Reilly and Stories Worth Repeating to its readers.

Stories Worth Repeating captures the voices and words of important relatives, companions, and mentors that might otherwise be forgotten or misplaced. From Personal Histories to iMemoryBooks to crafting a Testimony of principles and priorities, Stories Worth Repeating creates family heirlooms.

Quoting Ron:

“The Stories I share tell of the HA HA ! and AH HA ! and OH OH! moments of becoming human.

Lots of laughs,
Some wry smirks,
Fables of our foibles,
And some tugs at the heart strings
Of our loves and loyalties.

Stories that celebrate uniqueness of person and commonness of humanity with its Wit & Wisdom.”

If you’ve got a story to tell, Stories Worth Repeating can help tell it.

Lit Between the Ears welcomes Stories Worth Repeating.

Contact details:

Ron O’Reilly

Stories Worth Repeating

18 Losey Rd.

Ringoes, NJ 08551




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1. Ron - May 4, 2007

Thank you for a very nice summary paragraph. I’m impressed and chagrined that you so efficiently state what I’ve struggled ponderously for two years to express.
It’s a nice thing you are doing.


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