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Dreamseed: Sound Effects Library Published April 21, 2007

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An Affordable and Efficient High-End Sound Effects Solution

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – April 20, 2007 – The sound vaults of Dreamseed LLC are opening for the first time, making hundreds of new and original professional-grade sound effects available for direct download as the Dreamseed Audio Library™ ST (Story Teller) package.

All effects are encoded as 256kbps 44.1 kHz stereo MP3s for sound indistinguishable from CD-quality audio, but without eating hard drive space alive. With the way the Dreamseed Audio Library™ ST is delivered by direct download, a much faster and more efficient sound scape assets package is provided, and to no sacrifice of quality. Also, because of their modular release, these sound effects packages are much more affordable!

Sonic Secret Weapons

Dreamseed Principal and Executive Producer Alexander Davis is thrilled to unveil his arsenal of sonic secret weapons and claims this is only the start. “It was very important for me to develop new sound effects that haven’t been used a million times already. It was time to bring something fresh to the table,” Davis says. “This first release has an hour and a half of completely new material. I went out into the world and searched for these effects myself to get as true-to-life and raw sounds as possible.”

“The collection is full of very practical sound effects, as well as more inventive sci-fi and horror effects,” Davis adds. “It is my hope that many people will find this very useful, especially if they lack any portable recording equipment. I know exactly what that feels like and how frustrating it can be. With this release, the first of many to come, I hope to help people construct sonic realities without ever having to get up and leave their chairs. Not even to buy it. Within a few clicks, over two-hundred sound effects are at your disposal.”

Listen Before Buying

To listen to a mixed sample of sound effects from this library release and to purchase the Dreamseed Audio Library™ ST 01 module, visit http://www.dreamseed.us/products/audiolibraryst.php

About Dreamseed, LLC

Dreamseed, LLC is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana as a digital online entertainment production studio and publisher. Comprised of talented individuals from all over the world, Dreamseed seeks to deliver the best in a variety of digital entertainment products, including new and original audio dramas, comics, anime, music and casual video games. Dreamseed also provides stock creative products for other artists to utilize. For additional information, please visit www.dreamseed.us. Dreamseed: Imagination Loud and Clear™.

For media inquiries, contact:
Alexander Davis, Principal / Executive Producer
Dreamseed, LLC

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