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Greetings to the International Jack Benny Fan Club® – “Jack Benny … 39 Forever” April 19, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> News.

Lit Between the Ears welcomes the International Jack Benny Fan Club® – “the Official organization devoted to the sharing of the timeless humor of Jack Benny.  Through vaudeville, radio, movies, television, and stage performances, Jack’s gentle humor delighted generations of people.”

The IJBFC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity located in Piedmont California USA. It has agreed to include Lit Between the Ears in the IJBFC Friends portion of its Links section which may be found here:


The website contains newsletters, additional information, photos, and other Jack Benny treasures.

To the IJBFC and its members, we are pleased and honored to welcome you. To those just discovering Jack Benny, the IJBFC provides a wealth of material needed “to make Jack, Mary Livingstone, Rochester, Dennis Day, Phil Harris, and Don Wilson as familiar to you today as they were to everyone in America fifty years ago.”

We thank the International Jack Benny Fan Club for including a reciprocating link on their website.

Contact details:

International Jack Benny Fan Club

Piedmont, California 94611 USA


Links – IJBFC Friends


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1. V.E.G. - October 5, 2009

Jack Benny is Lithuanian but he might be also part Belarusian. Benny was born on the anniversary of the name of Lithuania.

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