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L. A. Theatre Works featured on NPR’s “Science Friday” with host Ira Flatow on April 13 April 13, 2007

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LOS ANGELES, CA – In conjunction with L.A. Theatre Works’ East Coast tour of “The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial,” NPR’s Science Friday airs a segment on April 13 devoted to “Science on Stage.”

Peter Goodchild’s docudrama is drawn from the transcripts of Tennessee vs. John Thomas Scopes, recreating the controversial 1925 court case that put high school science teacher John Thomas Scopes on trial for violating the Butler Act which banned the teaching of evolution in Tennessee’s public schools.  The L.A. Theatre Works touring production is performed as a radio play before live audiences, the format used by LATW for its innovative live in-performance recording series at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.  The original trial was also broadcast – the first court case to be on the radio in America.

Today, “Science Friday” host Ira Flatow interviews “Monkey Trial” star Ed Asner in Williams, Massachussetts, where the touring production is currently performing, together with playwright Peter Goodchild from his home in the U.K.  In Los Angeles, Producing Director Susan Loewenberg joins the conversation to discuss using “Monkey Trial” and other science-themed plays as a teaching tool.

Earlier this month, LATW kicked off a new monthly radio series entitled Relativity that focuses on science-themed works; on May 5, “The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial” will be broadcast on public and satellite radio as part of the Relativity series.

“Science Friday” is carried on NPR stations nationwide and is streamed live at www.sciencefriday.com.

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