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Dramatic Radio: “Do you believe in miracles? YES!” April 5, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> Dramatic Radio.

On February 9, 1980, the USA and USSR hockey teams played an exhibition match prior to the upcoming Olympic competition. The Soviet Union won 10-3. Less than two weeks later, the teams met again in the medal round.

The intervening 13 days saw the USSR crush its opponents by such scores as 16-0 over Japan, 17-4 against the Netherlands, and 8-1 against Poland. The US team advanced to the medal round for the repeat game against the Soviet Union.

With 10 minutes to play in the third period, US captain Mike Eruzione scored on backup Russian goalie Vladimir Myshkin to give the Americans a 4-3 lead. US goalie Jim Craig faced a withering barrage of Soviet shots. As time wound down, announcer Al Michaels gave a call for the ages:

. . .


AL MICHAELS: (OVER SFX) Eleven seconds. You’ve got ten seconds. The countdown’s going on right now. Morrow up to Silk.

SFX: CROWD CHANTS “FIVE . . . FOUR . . . THREE . . . TWO . . . ONE.”

AL MICHAELS: (OVER SFX) Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles? YES!!


AL MICHAELS: (LONG BEAT) Four to three the United States wins it.


. . .

The US team subsequently beat Finland for the gold medal. Kudos and comgratulations to players and coaches for the accomplishment.

However, the drama of the moment is for underdogs of all types. For anyone, anywhere, who nobody gives a snowball’s chance in July to win, Lit Between the Ears joyfully and humbly offers the Miracle on Ice.

We hope our readers make their own.

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