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Next on Three Questions is Frederick Greenhalgh, Founder of FinalRune Productions, on Tuesday 20 March March 15, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> News.

Frederick Greenhalgh’s attraction with radio drama started while growing up in Downeast Maine. The long cold winters and eerie fog encouraged his imagination to take flight. And soar it did. He founded FinalRune Productions in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and began producing “audio fiction.”

Says Frederick, “As a writer, I find the form compelling because it forces me to write a better story.  While you can prop up a poor story with flashy effects (acting, CGI, luminous prose) in most other media, in radio drama you have no such luxury.  Production value obviously adds a lot to the radio drama’s power, but I don’t think it alone is enough to save a script with holes in it.”

Read Fred’s entire Three Questions interview next Tuesday 20 March, right here in Lit Between the Ears.

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