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Words from the Sponsors: Hunterdon Radio Theatre on behalf of Kalmia Club March 10, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> Words from the Sponsors.

On Saturday 24 March, Hunterdon Radio Theatre (Clinton, New Jersey USA) will perform a fundraising benefit for the Kalmia Club ( http://www.kalmiaclub.org/ ) of Lambertville, New Jersey.

The Kalmia Club is the oldest continuously running women’s club in the State. From their website:

Back in 1892 when 45 daughters of the genteel middle class got together and formed a “Reading Circle”, the last thought on their minds was the future. Their purposes were much more immediate. The pragmatic ladies were seeking a break from their day-to-day lives, a place to use their intellect, and most of all, an opportunity to gather with other like-minded women.

Despite the professed “last thought on their minds was the future”, they have not only arrived in the future but have shaped it as well. Kudos to them.

Part of the program’s unscripted predevelopemnt insanity is writing and performing the promos for the hosts, their supported organizations but for Hunterdon Radio Theatre. At this stage, anything goes. The following made the rounds of our promo development efforts: 

< 0:30 Spot for Hunterdon Radio Theatre (1)

. . .

ANNOUNCER: Hunterdon Radio Theatre . . .


ANNOUNCER: . . .  Contemporary radio, piled high and served hot. (BEAT) Juicy drama, sizzling comedy, luscious light horror and melt-in-your-mouth mystery.


ANNOUNCER: Served up by the grillmeisters – Dudley and Miles. Hunterdon Radio Theatre . . . we’re food for your brain.


. . .

We won’t use Aaron Copland’s music in this promo out of respect for copyrights, but it was an enjoyable half hour of writing. By the way, Dudley and Miles are radio talk show hosts. They also happen to be reptiles.


The folks at Kalmia are serving the community in the best sense of the phrase. Should you be in the area on Saturday 24 March, stop by and enjoy the show. Or send them an email  at info@kalmiaclub.org congratulating them on their work.

You can also tell the cast and crew at Huntedon Radio Theatre to break a leg. Or break the leg of the President of HRT for talking them into performing. Send them an email to info@hrtonline.org .  

1) Promo written by William Spear; Publisher and Editor of Lit Between the Ears – Celebrating the Power and People of Radio Drama; Founder and President of Hunterdon Radio Theatre ( http://www.hrtonline.org/ )

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