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News: Proposing “The Dungeons” of the mind March 8, 2007

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Within Julia Werdigier’s “Equity Firm Attracted to Attractions” New York Times article on 6 March 2007 about the Blackstone Group’s acquisition of the Madame Tussauds wax museums and the Tussauds Group, was a reference to a 2005 Blackstone purchase of Merlin Entertainments for about $187 million. Merlin operates 37 attractions in ten European countries plus a themepark in California.

Hardly revolutionary, but wait

Within Merlin’s portfolio is the Dungeon’s, “a string of attractions in Britain, Amsterdam, and Hamburg that use wax figures to bring to life some of history’s goriest events.” A fuller description is as follows:

“Merlin’s Dungeons are not for the faint hearted!! A unique combination of real history, horror and humour bring gruesome historic events back to life, in the 21st century. Each offers a feast of fun with history’s horrible bits, combining live actors, rides, shows and special effects, to transport you back to relive those darker times. Led by the world famous London Dungeon, there are now four Dungeon sites, including the first German Dungeon based in Hamburg.”(1)

The intersection of two genre and gory exhibits 

Given radio drama’s history of horror and suspense shows and considering the strength of the Dungeons’ brand for creating gore, we recommend creating a contemporary series based upon the Dungeons’ exhibits. We would also recommend the company consider creating new aural exhibits not connected to their current exhbits.

Imagine listening to the Dungeons’ horrible bits of history: the tightening of the rack, the creaking shut of the iron maiden – the metal cage not the heavy metal music group – or the sensation of yet another Jack the Ripper murder.

How do we contact the Dungeons?

1) Source: The Dungeons; http://www.thedungeons.com/   

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