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Next on Three Questions: Jeff Bridges, Executive producer and founder, of Pendant Productions March 1, 2007

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Jeff Bridges, Executive producer and founder, of Pendant Productions, talks about overcoming audiences’ objections to listening to radio drama, modernising the programs and – GASP! – doing away with narrators. (But I like narrators).

Pendant’s offerings include fan shows of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Indiana Jones and other well-known characters. Jeff shares his insights in the Next Three Questions interview on Tuesday 6 March, right here at Lit Between the Ears – Celebrating the Power and People of Radio Drama.


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Dramatic Radio – “What a Catch by Mays!” March 1, 2007

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On September 29, 1954, the Cleveland Indians squared off against the New York Giants in the World Series. The Indians had beaten out the New York Yankees to win the trip to the Series and the Giants had rebounded from a fifth place finish the year earlier to land in the Series.

The Indians were heavy favorites to win given their strong pitching which featured Bob Lemon, Early Wynn and Mike Garcia.

But in the eighth inning of the first game, with the score tied at 2-2, Clevelend’s Vic Wertz launched a screaming line drive deep into centerfield. 52,751 fans watched as Willie Mays performed baseball magic. Announcer Jack Brickhouse had the play-by-play.

. . .

JACK BRICKHOUSE: Wertz has the only extra base hit of the game and it drove in a couple of runs. . . . There’s a long drive . . . way back in center field . . . way back, back it is . . . OH WHAT A CATCH BY MAYS!


JACK BRICKHOUSE: The man on second, [Larry] Doby, is able go to third. Willie Mays just brought this crowd to its feet with a catch which must’ve been an optical illusion to alot of people.

. . .

The Giants won the game 5-2 and went on to sweep the series. And Willie Mays thrilled the sporting world with “The Catch.”

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