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Results: Hits at Lit Between the Ears for the week of Sunday 18 February 2007 – Saturday 24 February 2007 February 25, 2007

Posted by William Spear in >> News, >> Out Basket.

Publication exceeds weekly goal but does not post week-over-week gain

(By Spear at 3,582) Lit Between the Ears – Celebrating the Power and People of Radio Drama recorded 393 hits for the week of Sunday 18 February – Saturday 24 February. Although the publisher’s weekly target of 275 hits was exceeded, a week-over-week increase was not realized. This was the first time in the three previous week such a gain was not recorded.

“During the week of 18-24 February, we had hits from Poe’s Deadly Daughters, Radio Drama Revival, and Vicious Imagery,” said Publisher and Editor William Spear.

Hits for the most recent five weeks are as follows:

Sunday 18 February – Saturday 24 February: 393

Sunday 11 February – Saturday 17 February: 444

Sunday 04 February – Saturday 10 February: 373

Sunday 28 January 2007 – Saturday 03 February 2007: 335

Sunday 21 January 2007 – Saturday 27 January 2007: 288

Total number of hits during the most recent four weeks was 1,545. The average over the same four weeks was 386, 40% above the new goal of 275.

The next results will be posted during the weekend of 24-25 February.

For further information, contact:

William Spear

Publisher and Editor

Lit Between the Ears – Celebrating the Power and People of Radio Drama

c/o Two Plus Plus Productions LLC

PO Box 5126

Clinton, New Jersey 08809-0126


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1. Jesse Willis - February 25, 2007

William, I’m subscribed to the RSS feed. Enjoying the blog. I beleive that you should be tracking Unique Visitors and Page Views rather than hits if you want to gauge how popular the blog is.

# Hit – A request for a file from the web server. Available only in log analysis. The number of hits received by a website is frequently cited to assert its popularity, but this number is extremely misleading and dramatically over-estimates popularity. A single web-page typically consists of multiple (often dozens) of discrete files, each of which is counted as a hit as the page is downloaded, so the number of hits is really an arbitrary number more reflective of the complexity of individual pages on the website than the website’s actual popularity. The total number of visitors or page views provides a more realistic and accurate assessment of popularity.

# Page View – A request for a file whose type is defined as a page in log analysis. An occurrence of the script being run in page tagging. In log analysis, a single page view may generate multiple hits as all the resources required to view the page (images, .js and .css files) are also requested from the web server.

# Visit / Session – A series of requests from the same uniquely identified client with a set timeout. A visit is expected to contain multiple hits (in log analysis) and page views.

# Visitor / Unique Visitor – The uniquely identified client generating requests on the web server (log analysis) or viewing pages (page tagging). A visitor can make multiple visits.

Keep up the good work,

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