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‘Soul Rift’ Episode 2 Production Begins February 24, 2007

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Dreamseed Works Ahead and Expands ‘Soul Rift’ Universe

MUNCIE, Ind. – February 23, 2007 – Dreamseed began production on the second episode of its sci-fi ‘Soul Rift’ audio drama, set in 2053 Washington D.C. and centering around a futuristic anti-ghost police force. The episode script was written by series Creator and Executive Producer Alexander Davis and is set in an advanced maximum security prison.

The story’s prison is equipped with a machine meant to serve as the new ghost-aware standard for capital punishment. However, when a certain death-row inmate fails to be contained upon his execution, a darkness descends upon the prison and traps everyone inside. Meanwhile, protagonist Detective Alice Walker (Laura Post) struggles to deal with her relationship with her ghost partner Spectre, feeling trapped in a prison of her own.

“The first episode’s primary purpose was to establish the world and the rules of this futuristic ghost technology and societal impact,” says Davis. “The second episode began around the concept of a prison changed by that impact, but I couldn’t resist diving into the characters and making them more three-dimensional. That meant giving them flaws and discovering how they cope with them.”

Future Evolutions

According to Davis, the series is evolving already. “The original plan was to provide a standard mystery per episode and that would be it,” Davis says. “But I was also drawn to the prospect of driving the story with characters additionally. There will still be an A-plot mystery that begins and ends within each episode, but a new B-plot layer of character drama will actually be what propels the series forward.”

Each episode can still work by itself, even out of sequential order, although the new character-driven layer adds a deeper touch Davis is convinced will allow audiences to engage with the show much more intensely. Davis concludes, “It’s going to get even more interesting. Soul Rift began with a very straight-forward approach. Changing it up, as early as the second episode, keeps it moving and fresh. Each episode will be a new experience.”

Laura Post, plays Detective Alice Walker in series, moving to California

Voice acting recording has already completed with Laura Post, who plays Detective Alice Walker, one of the series main protagonists in an ensemble cast. “Laura is preparing to move to California and pursue her voice acting career there, which is very exciting,” Davis says. “So within two days, she finished all of her lines for the episode before the big move. It may be a few weeks before she can continue voice acting on Soul Rift again. Luckily, we’re now ahead of schedule, though, exactly for this type of circumstance.”

Meanwhile, Davis works hard on the first episode’s post-production. The teaser, title credits sequence, and Act I are completed. A casting call for the second episode’s guest star roles will begin soon.

For more information, including casting calls, and to preview, purchase and download Dreamseed productions, visit www.dreamseed.us.

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