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Words from the Sponsors: “You’re always right with Autolite” February 23, 2007

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Autolite® began in 1911 when two small companies started producing buggy lamps and became an automotive parts manufacturer by the 1930s. But its history as a spark plug manufacturer began in 1935 when Royce G. Martin, President of the Electric Autolite Company, staffed a lab to develop its first spark plug. Leading the project was Robert Twells, a ceramic engineer, who researched current patents and ceramic insulator technology. Within a few months, a spark plug was available for distribution. Autolite supplied spark plugs and other ignition parts to well-known automotive leaders including Chrysler, Studebaker, Packard and Willys. (1)

The company sponsored several radio shows including: The Dick Haymes Show, a musical variety program; Everything for the Boys, a dramatic anthology and musical variety show; Gasoline Alley, a comedy serial, based on the comic strip; and Suspense, “radio’s outstanding theater of thrills.” Bert Holland and Harlow Wilcox were Announcers for the Autolite commercials.

The following features Holland playing Oscar Auto, the loqacious limosine.

. . . 


BERT HOLLAND: Evening Harlow.

HARLOW WILCOX: Well, Oscar Auto, the loqacious limosine. And in top form.

BERT HOLLAND: Sure, Harlow, and it’s because I’m equipped with an Autolite electrical system.

HARLOW WILCOX: Now then, you must have an Autolite starting motor, generator, battery, coil distributor, and a set of Autolite spark plugs. Plus all the other important parts that go to make up the complete Autolite electrical system used as original equipment on many leading makes of our finest cars, trucks, and tractors.

BERT HOLLAND: Ha-ha, you bet I do Harlow.

HARLOW WILCOX: That means every unit and component part of your Autolite electrical system is related by Autolite engineering, design, and manufacturing skill to give the smoothest performance money can buy.

BERT HOLLAND: That’s why my owner always insists on Autolite original factory parts.

HARLOW WILCOX: And friends you’ll find it pays to insist on Autolite original factory parts for your Autolite equipped car. Because from bumper to taillight, you’re always right with Autolite.

. . .

We insist on Autolite automotive parts to light the way for oustanding radio drama.

(1) Autolite website.

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